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Bailiffs' role in crime detection and preliminary investigation in the Code of Criminal Procedure Act of 1392

Ali Esmaeili


When facing events that interfere rights of persons or put them at the risk of violation or those that disrupt social order, the first place that comes to the minds of people is police and the police power; because its force serves to maintain order, freedom and citizens' rights and the rules and regulations and will protect the deployed rights of the people. The judicial authorities interact with the bailiff of Justice in many ways in the criminal justice process. One of the main areas of such interaction includes validating the report and comment enforcement by judicial authorities. It  is certain  that the first dealing with crimes is committed by legal authorities who called bailiffs, they carry out enforcement and detection of crime and according to scientists, if the initial encounter cannot perform this duty with accuracy, vigilance, discerning and regular communication of events, the basic building blocks of the criminal case will be incorrect and accordingly the judge will lay tilted written documents in the case or evidence he has to make a decision based on them  which is because of the weakness of collected evidence, so the judgment is proportional to fail and in this way, is authorized purposes of civil code which is the punishment of guilty or  intimidation of others, relief for the victim and other matters will be disrupted  and the hoped results cannot be obtained, this process would courage and despair criminals and discourages people from  law enforcement and judicial agencies of the government will have a negative direct effect on people's minds. Consequences of any action which are done by the judiciary bailiffs in discovering the crime and conducting a preliminary investigation can mark alone the fate of the criminal proceedings which is very remarkable in this regard.

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