Gingival Depigmentation for an Aesthetic Smile – A Case Report

Rizwan Sanadi, Manan Doshi, Jayant Ambulgekar


Aesthetics has become a significant aspect of dentistry. Clinicians are facing challenges in achieving acceptable gingival aesthetics as well as addressing biologic and functional problems. The colour of the gingiva plays an important role in overall aesthetics. However the principles and the techniques of management of such problems associated with gingival melanin pigmentation are still not fully established. The degree of melanin pigmentation may vary from person to person. Although clinical melanin pigmentation does not present a medical problem, demand for cosmetic therapy is commonly made by people with moderate gingival melanin pigmentation.

The present paper describes a case of simple surgical technique for management of gingival hyperpigmentation caused by excessive melanin pigmentation. It also highlights the relevance of an aesthetically pleasing smile especially in smile conscious individuals.


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